Flicka was a Chincoteague pony of 20 some years when she was given to me for my oldest granddaughter who was three at the time. She was the perfect pony always gentle, never sick, an easy keeper and obedient. Flicka has taught many children to ride and was a willing "Do-It-All" pony. She was always in the ribbons at shows whether it was a pleasure, jumping or a driving class. Her pace was forward, rhythmic and steady. Flicka often lead the way on trails, through ditches and scary places when Roesmount or another horse would not go first. She even allowed us to dress her up for Halloween shows! She greeted me with a gentle whinny every day she saw me and never forgot a thank you whinny when given a treat. Flicka passed away in her 40's on May 15, 2006 and I miss her still. As I said before she was THE PERFECT PONY and I was lucky to be part of her life.




Flicka, the Easter Bunny, April 2000


Flicka and Satin at school demonstration about horses


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